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About Us:

The 3D animation Experts

Rift Solutions Limited was registered in the year 2004 as a graphic and web designing firm. It was a group idea driven by the desire to offer quality and timely creative support to corporate organizations. In response to the needs of our clients the company began offering animation and film services in 2009.

The pioneers of the company, currently serving in the Board of Directors, are Kenyans who have worked in various Information Technology companies. They understand the needs of the customer and have a wide technical knowledge, having been trained in the equipment and software required. They are backed by a broad experience in animation and film making gained from many years of service in Kenya and in the region.

Why choose Us?



We were among the first studios in Kenya to focus on 3D animation as a core practice, as such we have many years of experience to bring to your project.



We have an excellent technical team comprising of internationally trained, professional animators.



Competitively, we are able to meet your production timelines, due to the use of modern technology and an efficient workflow process.

The term CGI is a misnomer - the computer doesn't generate the images. That would be like calling traditional animation Pencil-Generated Imagery. No matter what the tool is, it requires an artist to create art.

John Lasseter - chief creative officer of Pixar Animation Studios, Walt Disney Animation Studios, and DisneyToon Studios.